I agree with Cuomo

This very forum became what he describes.

Our society has become so partisan that it’s not only difficult to have substantive conversations without a full on argument, but moreover, we’ve literally dehumanized individuals on the basis of their beliefs.

I’m not innocent of this but I’m certainly tired of it.

It’s nice to see 2 guys who probably disagree on 80% of any issue you can ask them about sit down and have a good, meaningful conversation. A model to follow.

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I try to be moderate in my views, and even when I disagree with a particular position I can sometimes understand it.

I don’t like when conservatives think all liberals are uppity elites. And I don’t like when liberals think all conservatives are racist ignoramuses.

I detest the “home team” sports mentality that treats politics like a football game. That kind of thinking promotes hypocrisy, where it’s more important to root for the home team than to choose based on right and wrong.

It’s true. People can disagree and not hate each other. They can even like each other. Live and let live.

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