Hypocrisy or change of opinion?

No shit mrcd

We have quotes from her regarding BLM…“They should be rioting in the streets”

We have quotes from Kamala Harris urging everyone to pay violent protesters bails.

And they want us to be so appalled aregarding 1/6

It must be great to be a politician, say whatever you want then say the opposite. Both sides covered.

Hypocrisy. Pelosi is an idiot.

But this hypocrisy isn’t an excuse to defend what happened January 6th.

How curious…now, at what point did they storm said capitol to kidnap and execute members, like the Trumpkins did?

What occurred on Jan 6 was wrong. Very few would disagree.

I will never defend Jan 6. But our leaders cannot be selective on what violence is acceptable and what is not.

Violence is violence and it cannot be tolerated.

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Who gives a fuck? Maybe I wanna measure it by time…3 hours vs. a whole summer. There I can play too. Fuckin hypocrite

Going TO the Capitol and standing outside in numbers was not wrong.

Fighting with police (less than .1%) was wrong and it was mostly Antifa (provable)

And entering the building (allowed in), was wrong.

Let’s be very specific here.

Again, I don’t think anybody would disagree that a peaceful protest is OK. When a peaceful protest turns violent, regardless of who the party was, not okay.


This is false and just another in a long line of GSC’s attempt to paint that side as angels who became victims.

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False. Once again not taking responsibility = lack of integrity