Hurray for the First Amendment

Nothing separates the governance of the United States from those of other countries as does the power of the First Amendment. It is one of the most precious Constitutional rights conferred on our people. Time and again, the Courts strike down attempts to censor the people. A case in point will be U.S. District Judge Cooper’s fining Catherine Herridge $800 a day to reveal her sources in the Chen case. Look for Judge Cooper to be reversed and Herridge to receive a huge settlement. The judge ruling is dead wrong. The First Amendment fidelity stands above this leftist judge’s order.

Another example is seen the clip below of an outraged parent appearing before a school board. This woman in no uncertain terms informs the board who is the boss in a free society.

But, you don’t like the United States. You champion and cheer for Russia, who arrests people who have disagreeable opinions, Axis Sally.

There is plenty of corruption in Russia, but a helluva lot less than in Ukraine where to this end the Bidens were undeservedly rewarded. The entire world saw Joe Biden bragging about extorting the Ukrainian president on behalf of his son Hunter’s preposterous though lucrative position on the board of Burisma.

When I assess Russia I do so in light of a bloody history, of extraordinary tyranny, imprisonment, and even genocide, but presently we’ve seen a huge improvement in Russia, and the Russian people who are extremely affable now live more prosperous lives. I recognize that Putin has a very flawed past, but compared to his predecessors he is a ray of light. For the past twenty years, he has been the most successful politician in the world. My fear is what happens when Putin is gone. You can be sure that there are still significant numbers of Russian leaders who still, and I think foolishly, lament the break up of the Soviet Union.

I perceive Russia as a Western nation, connected historically to Europe. It should be a natural trading partner, and the Russian people are overwhelmingly in favor of peaceful relations with Western nations. There is however no way for national security reasons that Russia will allow a rival nation with a huge army linked politically with NATO on its southern border. Ukraine broke all agreements regarding military expansion and fair governance of its Russian minority population. The CIA executed a coup in Ukraine replacing the president with Ukrainian militarist. With the breakup of the Soviet Union, pockets of Russian people wound up deprived of their native land, and instead were being forced to become Ukrainians. The Russian people despise NATO and resent being portrayed as being perpetually villainous in character.

I support peace immediately, but the West is in no position to bargain. Ukraine cannot defeat Russia, nor for that matter can the combined forces of NATO defeat Russia on European soil, and any attempt to do so will likely result in World War. Stupid Biden has put the West in an untenable position in which it must hold its collective nose and settle the matter ushering in a rebuilding of what is left of Ukraine. Neither Americans nor Europeans want to fight a war over Ukraine. We need to admit the obvious; Russia has won. Letting the carnage continue is immoral.

I strongly support US Constitutional Law and hail its Eurocentric provenance. I do not see the Constitution as some liberals do as a “living” document. It can certainly be subjected to change, but making changes is not a snap your fingers exercise. It requires substantial majority agreement to amend or expand it.


Ukraine is PRETTY corrupt at #104.

Russia is FUCKING corrupt at #141.

Stupid Putin has put his country in an untenable position where they need to move to a war footing so they can annex poor districts and patrol minefields, all at huge losses of profit, giving up the European cash cow, breaking away from the West, and forging a more powerful NATO.

If there is a bigger self-own by a modern dictator, I don’t know what it is.