How long until we’re at war with China?

I brought up the notion of the Thucydides trap on the former board. It’s the belief that when one emerging power (Athens/China) threatens an established power (Sparta/America) for control over an hegemony - war is inevitable. No matter what measure are employed - war can only be delayed until conflict ensues.

China has plundered our wealth to the tune of trillions of gdp over a decade:

They’ve infiltrated the highest levels of our government and corporations:

They’ve completely outflanked our companies in a Faustian bargain that opens Chinese markets for critical IP and Board Control:

Then they release a virus on us(I trust no one needs a link for proof)…

Now we discover they have been running a subversion campaign using tiktok (wonder why we mandated US control of that asset?!)

So at what point do we just declare war and wipe the CCCP off the map?

It’s coming in our lifetime.

I can’t believe the whole world isn’t at war with China after covid? I guess they need them?

In time, Covid-19 may be known as the start of ___ war.

I’m not saying I believe China created and maliciously spread the virus. But if they wanted to hurt the USA, an economy crippling pandemic is more effective than nearly any traditional military weapon.

GSC, are those boxes in your original post, links? Is that how links appear on this site?

Cande…When you type in a link on here, it makes the box…I’d actually rather it didn’t, as it makes the whole post seem cluttered. Maybe not in a one item post like this, but for instance my recruiting lists posts look a mess as opposed to a nice clean list on other site. JMO.

I think it’s long past time we start beating the living f**k out of Antifa and violent protestors…And if these snowflake mayors and D.As won’t, the Trump needs to authorize citizens. People talk about proud boys and all that, but they seem to love America and show up to battle this communist a$$holes. Just start gun butting these myers, and hold their face up to a news reporters camera and tell em this is for anyone who wants to start shyt…Enough is enough.

Real tough being a rebel in a country that lets you be a rebel.

Even before this early post, I said it on the old board.

The Thucydides trap was inevitable.

I can’t believe you rezzed and old thread with a BS meme.

If they were gonna arrest Biden, there would be no reason to wait until the inauguration. Doing it beforehand would be easier, simpler, and it would avoid messy situations where people are unsure of who is in power.

If Trump was going to strike, he would’ve done it already while he is the de facto leader of the country. Waiting till the inauguration only weakens his position.

I don’t think Biden will be arrested. I do believe the build up is because of an imminent attack if it’s attempted.

China caught spying via use of hardware delivered to Super Micro… over a decade of civilian and even military information sent to the Chinese.

Thank god we have Beijing Biden in office to mitigate the problem!