How Carnage and Atrocities ‘Heal Muslim Hearts’

Writer Raymond Ibrahim is an American of Coptic Christian ascendancy. Ergo, his long standing antipathy towards Islam is understandable. As a secular Jew, I share Ibrahim’s opinion of Islam being a threat to Western Civilization, which I hold to be ethically superior to other belief systems. For my own part, I have long considered religion to be mankind’s worst invention, but among the differing faiths, I find none with the lasting incarnation of evil as is the case with Islam.

In his latest article appearing in the American Thinker, Ibrahim delivers a horrifying vignette regarding sating of the blood lust of adherents of Islam. Note that I don’t modify Islam with the word radical since there is no need doing so, for Islam is intrinsically radical, and its scripture authored by its God Allah is considered truth, unamenable to change since God cannot be mistaken.

Coincidentally, the more loyal one is to their “scripture”, usually the more horrifying their actions and words are. Christianity has secularized over the centuries, but the same could have been said about it in centuries past.
Despite all of that, I do agree that of all the religions on the planet right now, Islam is by far the worst.