How can you defend a petulent child?

It’s a funeral, what difference does a seat make?

Well - there’s at least one seat that nobody wants :wink:

Touche! :rofl:

People read his shit, never look for facts, and go about their day assuming he would have been successful.

No, we just saw him be successful pre-covid when he failed no more than 90% of other world leaders.

Imagine melting down over a funeral seat…You people are mentally ill

Yes, imagine. It was a strange thing for Trump to rant about.

Oh no doubt…The man’s an asshole

But non-pertinent

I don’t see how it’s non-pertinent. It’s the exact subject of this thread. Trump was being dumb by ranting about a funeral seat. Like you said, mentally ill.

Because who fucking cares…

Trump being an asshole is non-pertinent over this cunt dj melting down over it. The OMB in these people is insanity…How do people get like this?

I don’t care about a lot of stuff people post here. Usually in those cases I don’t reply.

And sometimes you do…Just like I do, sometimes…