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All of a sudden there is scrutiny. Where was the scrutiny when all the censorship was occurring. Twitter is already much improved with persons released from Twitter’s fascistic jail. Marxist always have to control mass media to cement their power in place. Are you Warden in support of censorship. I thought free speech was a cornerstone of liberal idealism. The key word for censorsip now is disinformation. Not that information but dis one.

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The establishment has weaponized the State and it’s legal agencies against those who threaten their power.

It’s why Manaforte was prosecuted but the Podesta brothers were not (for the same crimes mind you).

It’s why General Flynn was prosecuted for nonsense while Hillary Clinton wasn’t touched.

It’s why Trump has been dragged through the mud for spurious allegations repeatedly but the Biden crime family who has multiple crimes of record in the public record remain safe.

I could give 100 more examples but I think you get the point.

The justice and law enforcement mechanisms of this country are no longer blind.

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Might be the largest pile of horseshit ever compiled on this site.

Perfectly stated. GSC, and Djrion had no response other than an epithet. In modern vernacular, GSC, you owned the guy. Dj should concern himself more with things he is good at such as transgender cheerleading. If Dj comes out of the closet, I know for certain that the good posters in this forum will strongly support his girlhood.

The main reason Hillary wasn’t prosecuted was because Trump lied about wanting to. All he needed was for his sycophants to eat it up.