Hillary implicated

As person who approved Alfa Bank accusations during 2016 campaign.

I hope this trial leads to many more prosecutions and investigations. The Clintons and their network are pure evil.

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Yet, you didn’t say anything about Bannon defrauding Trumpkins, or Manafort’s conviction, or Broidy’s conviction, or anything else that wasn’t covered in your Gateway Pundit. BUT, this story - which is simply Sussman lied about who directed him to report the Alfa Bank claim, whether it be on his own or directed by a campaign, you’re acting like its the biggest, most heinous thing in recent memory. You’re a joke! The FBI concluded within a day the server didn’t have merit.
With all the horseshit you’ve just blown off and defended, this is your hill to fight on. Typical. What a fraud you are.


I read the Fox news version earlier. I love how they lead their readers to rabbit holes and then never get into the specifics. They then hide the meat of the article behind more “read to continue” links knowing that their average reader will never see the information further down as their attention span is 30 seconds and the click bait has already worked. The conservative consumers then run with their predetermined biases as if, in fact, the partial information they are fed is true. Never mind the fact that Hillary isn’t on trial and Sussmen has plead not guilty. Nevermind the fact that everything in the Fox article sounds completely true (if you were to actually read it objectively) and yet STILL isn’t as nefarious or wrong like they want you to infer from the headline and first 30 seconds. Hook Line Sinker Dinner - if only fishing was this easy…

Mook was awesome and sounded extremely credible and truthful on the stand from the tidbits I’ve read in the Fox article. None of which sinks Sussmen or implies anything with regards to Hillary.

If Sussmen lied, which is plausible in this case, let him pay. Hopefully the government throws the book at him. None of this implicates Hillary who isnt on trial.

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Look at these 2 fucking idiots defending a fucking demon.

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You mean look at the demon calling some an idiot and others a demon?

You support Hillary Clinton you fucking clown? Just admit it.

Here’s why I’m not optimistic that there will be the convictions that folks want in this case.

It’s in the middle of the swamp in DC and prosecutors already tried to get two jurors who were big donors of Hillary off the jury and were unsuccessful.

Secondly, the judge has already thrown out some of the evidence that could have been used and is basically making life hard on the prosecution.

Oh, and the judge is also married to Lisa Page’s lawyer.

I’d be surprised at this point if big fish are taken down, but at least all of the evidence will be laid out for the public to see. That’s the one silver lining.

All paranoid delusions masking as reality.

  1. You can’t be optimistic. Justice will be served.

  2. There are no swamp lands in DC.

  3. Hillary isn’t on trial.

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She isn’t as bad as a trump for instance. If that is what you mean by support, then I’m 120% guilty as charged.

Quality rebuttal?

Well, looky here…hypocrisy much?

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Her own campaign manager testified to her doing this under oath. Robby Mook made these statements under penalty of perjury.


I’ve already addressed this ITT by quoting Mook directly.

Sure is suspect how you’ve convicted Hillary, Hunter Biden, all kinds of people involved in working the election…yet, when presented with anything prosecuting the right…it’s “In this country we believe in the presumption of innocence UNTIL proven guilty.”

Daily…zero integrity

I never said Hillary was guilty. I said she was implicated by her campaign manager.

I also think she is the devil reincarnated BUT I do believe in innocence until proven guilty. Even for Satan himself.

PS - this has no bearing on her classified emails. That was shown without a shadow of a doubt that she broke the law and never answered for it.

How cute. Bill was the antichrist, then Obama was the antichrist, then Biden was the antichrist and Oh, I forgot…Hillary. You’re full of shit and always have been. Your bullshit moron side has claimed every single Democrat that won an election against them is the devil, is the antichrist, wants to give you the mark of the beast.

It doesn’t show by your posts.

Classified emails? Didn’t it get determined that both Kushner and Ivanka used personal email and What’sApp to handle their official communications? Didn’t Trump use gmail at one point? Bannon and Kt McFarland were found to be using personal email accounts for official business, some of which dealt with nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia? McFarland’s account was through AOL! It came out in 2017 that Stephen Miller, Reince Priebus and Gary Cohn all used personal email accounts for official business. Hell, Trump himself wouldn’t swap his personal cellphone or stop using it. Shit, cellphone…he handed over classified info to Russians in May of 2017. He took classified info out of the White House and smuggled it to his sleazy lounge in Florida and you defended him.

You don’t give a shit about classified communication.