Hey Storm - Question?

How was the “SOTU Address” today? Did your president say anything he hasn’t said before?

Did you and @GardenStateCane salute your TV when he came out?


LOL. Dude you have no idea how pathetic you look right now.

I almost feel sorry for you. Almost. :laughing::laughing::laughing:



Ok, who’s going to break it to storm that Trump is talking about 2024?

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I honestly think nobody should mention it so we can see how far over this cliff Storm runs. Eventually, like Wile E. Coyote, he’s gonna have to look down.


I wish this were true 305. 3/4 will come and go and he’ll mark some other date where nothing will happen.

I disagree with most of what GSC says. But at least he’s rational enough to know that Biden is president and nothing will change that. Even if he (falsely) believes the election was stolen.

Storm is on another planet.

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The funny part about all of this is that- while storm may not be right about trials, he’s absolutely right that they should be occurring.

You guys are literally glorifying and laughing about evil and an administration that stole your vote. Stole our vote.

Jokes on you all. Not Storm.

Was it though? Was it?

Show me proof. Let’s see it.

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51- I’m just glad you’re not a law enforcement officer, prosecutor or a judge. What a disaster you would be.

Oh - you can’t show me proof because you don’t have it?

That’s what I thought.

Show me. Let’s see it. You’re so sure it happened.

Show me proof. Orange man saying it doesn’t mean it happened.

Show me. Let’s see it.


We showed you tens of thousands of affidavits signed under penalty of perjury from over 1,000 witnesses. You never read them.

We showed you 5 states suspending the count at the same time, bringing in ballots after hours, and then suddenly Biden is leading… you don’t care.

We showed you white vans dropping off ballots in the middle of the night at TCF center. You ignored it.

We showed you election workers in Georgia faking a water main leak to kick people out of the election center so they could take illegal ballots from under the table and start counting them… on video.

We showed you a truck driver attest to the fact he drove illegal ballots, that were signed, from NY to Philadelphia.

We showed you video of votes going negative live on TV.

We showed you that dominion machines were connected to the internet net even though they claimed they weren’t.

We showed you mathematicians that said the anomalies that happened that night were over 1 in a trillion.

We showed you audits that were breaking their own rules. You didn’t care.

Take your request for evidence and shove it up your ass bro. You don’t want it. You just want the result. We get it.

60+ judges told you to shove your “evidence” up your ass.






The Republican Party needs to find a way to move on from Trump. Long term - this is the way they need to go.

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:point_up_2: political tone deafness.

Just a statement with no knowledge attached to it.

Coming from someone who is entirely fine with the fucking chaos he’s brought with him the last few years.

You are fucking clueless.

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So you think calm and illegitimate is better than chaos chosen by the people?

You are of the opinion that he’s illegitimate. That doesn’t make it so.

But thanks for admitting that you were fine with the chaos, violence and death that happened on 1/6.

What a Catholic.

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No, YOU guys are literally glorifying an evil administration that tried to steal your vote. They tried HARD to suppress and invalidate the votes of hundreds of thousands of Americans. It was the most shameful, undemocratic thing I’ve seen in the US in a long time.

But it doesn’t surprise me with the new breed of Republicans. All they care about is winning at any cost.

You’ve got it 180 degrees backwards. It’s the Dems that are win at all costs and have been for decades. To them Politics are at the top of the list. Cheat by mail was set up to win this thing and it worked. Georgia politicians caved to those that said they would be racist if they didn’t allow the drop boxes and mail in votes etc.

Now, the Dems are trying to sneak a provision in a bill that outlaws state voter ID laws. Why would they want to do that if it wasn’t to cheat. The party that cheats at all costs, the Dems.