Health Care

This could be a major issue for someone who catches Covid and needs ER services. As I understand it, United Health can refuse payment if the individual wasn’t vaccinated.

I have them. They are TERRIBLE. They just changed their policy for ER visits in general.

If you truly believe you’re having an emergency and go to the ER and it’s not on their list of “bonafide emergency” codes… they cover 0… nada… nothing.

So now, you have 2 options…

1… self diagnose yourself and make sure your damn good.

2… wait days or weeks to see your normal doctor who then can at least justify sending you there and even then… it may not be covered.

All of this is thanks to Obamacare and illegal immigrants. They flooded the system to the point where service has gone down and costs have shot up. Everyone started using the ER as a primary care facility and the insurance companies said “fuck this.”

I would love to see all health insurance companies banned… with the exception of emergency only and life threatening policy coverage only.

This would force all these healthcare professionals to compete for your dollars once visits, tests and more routine procedures are out of pocket.