Hate crimes have doubled since Trump entered politics – with a new surge expected: study

Because white supremacist violence has become such a serious threat, the FBI has recognized it “as the greatest domestic threat to the United States,” the report says.

Lol…How does anyone believe this shit? I guess the word “domestic” gives them an out. But imagine thinking white supremacy is a bigger problem in America than black on black crime?

And imagine tying this shit to Donald Trump and not the media’s crusade against phony racism? This is absurdly stupid.


Ah…the proverbial shit stain response: “Nuh-uh.”

Think before you post idiot and use some common fucking sense.

Imagine thinking "white supremacy is a bigger problem in this country then black Americans murdering each other in the street?

You can’t be this fucking dumb. Quit reading this poison and just inject an ounce of common sense you blind fool

But I get it…It’s all Trump’s fault. You are so fucking lost.


Also maybe this will help you.

Notice he ran and hid here

But hey why let facts get in the way of a good ole fashioned partisan OrangeManBad meltdown