Happy New Year

Happy Near Year y’all.

I truly wish y’all the best.

And Canes W’s.

I know. A guy can wish.

Happy New Year to you whose loyalty has never flagged despite being subjected to considerable torture watching Hurricane football this past decade At this writing, I am at my cabin in Alabama. I drank two bottles of Krug champagne last night that I was saving all year in hopes of celebrating a ten win season. Discussing next year’s opener with local yokels, I was told we’d best forfeit the game now. I told them ordinarily the Hurricanes start their schedule well but traditionally crap out at the end of the season. I told them that the game might turn out like their game against Florida which gave the Tide all they could handle. My confidence is making the statement however was weak. In fact thinking it over I may well have been telling an egregious lie.

Bama will put 60 on our defense.

It’s the best kind of lie, bikki. We can pretend to be worldbeaters the entire off-season.

I’m actually not as upset about the bowl game as many. We had fight and showed heart. The defensive performance of the first quarter points to an obvious culprit, which should hopefully make Diaz’s job of making fires easier.

The only thing I am mad about, of course, if the King injury. That’s a tough one. Here’s hoping he bounces back.

Happy New Year!

I quite agree that I was less upset over the bowl loss than after the UNC game which as just a crushing defeat.

King was a valiant player this year, exhibiting skill and savvy, never exhibiting the shell-shocked effect, happy feet if you will, of so of many of our past QBs who were half beaten to death taking deep drops against speed rushing defenders. King is a real football player, and I look forward to his recovery and return next season.

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Happy New Year!! :partying_face: :clap: :raised_hands: