Happy Father’s Day

I heard somewhere that Father’s Day is the 20th ranked holiday. Apparently Holidays like Arbor Day and Earth day rank higher (hurry up with the fact check @Warden84 :joy::wink:).

I don’t know if that’s true but wanted to wish all of you guys, whether a liberal zombie, a conspiracy theorist, a moderate pretender, a capital letter enthusiast, an old chemist, teacher, world traveler who dates younger women in the bayou, Nazi traitor scum, overzealous moderator, recruiting expert pissed off at the world…

Whichever the above you are - Happy Father’s Day. Go enjoy it with your families.

Well said, GSC. :laughing:

There’s nothing more important as a father than being there for your kids and doing your best to model the way.

Happy Father’s Day y’all.

Cheers to that