Government Resignations

In an effort to address the super secret lizardman conspiracy, here’s GSC’s list of government resignations.

Merkel - resigned

This was already debunked. Merkel announced in 2018 that she would not seek a fifth term in 2021.

Italian government in crisis (close to resigning)

The guy who resigned, Renzi, resigned as Secretary of his party in 2017, then got re-elected months later. Then in 2018 he resigned again. Then he formed a new party in 2019.

In 2019 Prime Minister Conte had a vote of no confidence against him and resigned. Then a new government was formed and he became the head of Renzi’s new party. (He’s the current PM today.)

Now they had a spat and Renzi again resigned and is creating yet another crisis in Italy’s government.

So, yeah, they obviously do things differently there. It seems like government crises are a yearly event for them. Yawn.

Estonia - resigned

Allegations were announced Tuesday, resigned Wednesday. This timing could have something to do with President Trump burning him, I suppose, if that’s what you suspect.

Kuwait - resigned

At least on the surface, this appears to be a similar situation to Italy. The Prime Minister just started in late 2019. The “new government” that resigned was only a month old, and the resignations did not come as a surprise.

Frequent rows and deadlocks between cabinet and Parliament have led to successive government reshuffles and dissolutions of Parliament, hampering investment and economic and fiscal reform.
Kuwait’s cabinet members resign amid dispute with Parliament | GCC News | Al Jazeera

So again, this is a case of me wondering why you never cared about these frequent resignations before?

Netherlands (Dutch) - resigned

The Cabinet resigned after a scandal over actions from 2013 to 2019. The scandal was outed in 2018 and the first resignation from it came in 2019. There’s some confusion on my part whether PM Rutte himself actually resigned or not, but:

The move was seen as largely symbolic; Rutte’s government will remain in office in a caretaker mode until a new coalition is formed after a March 17 election in the Netherlands.

The resignation brings to an end a decade in office for Rutte, although his party is expected to win the election, putting him first in line to begin talks to form the next government. If he succeeds in forming a new coalition, Rutte would most likely again become prime minister.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his entire Cabinet resign over child welfare scandal - CBS News

Pope - resigning (announced)

This was the plan for a long time.

“I don’t think there’s ever been any doubt that he will resign in 2020”.

He continued, “He made clear from the beginning, that he regarded Pope Benedict’s XVI act as a prophetic act of great modesty, and he would have absolutely no problem in doing the same. What was interesting was he said to Mexican television in 2014 that he believed that he would have a short papacy of about five years”, which has led to suggestions the Pope might well suddenly resign after Christmas.
Pope Francis Rumoured To Be Resigning After Christmas

San Fran City Administrator - resigned (Pelosi’s city)

Ok, zeroing in on a city seems a little desperate here. Naomi Kelly will resign Feb 1st due to a scandal. But she’s already been on a leave of absence since last month after her husband was charged with accepting bribes (apparently a 2016 vacation).

The pay-to-play scheme has been under investigation for some time - the contractor agreed to work with the Justice Department (to name names) in June 2020.

In light of that, this resignation seems hardly coincidental, and rather, a long time coming.

Russia - resigned

This is a weird one, but also long discussed, since we know Putin doesn’t want to give up power but needs structural changes in the govenrnment to hold onto it. The announcement was “the government in its current form has resigned.” But shuffling things around to keep power is normal.

Putin was
PM from 99-00, then
president 00-08, then
PM from 08-12, then
president from 12-now, up to 24 max.

So it’s safe to say Putin’s entire presidency has been “weird.”

Anything I missed?

Don’t let this get lost @GardenStateCane

Your questions have actual answers, if only you take the time to look.

They may have what appear to be answers individually. One has to account for the timing of events. Something which you have not provided and cannot provide.

For a few of them, resignations are a regular event. They happened last year, they happened the year before. So the fact that they’re happening this year has nothing to do with timing, right?

Another few have had their timing pre-determined years ago or are lined up with the regular time for regular elections. So again, there’s nothing coincidental about the timing.

So yes, I did address this aspect of your conspiracy.