GOP Free Speech

I would support a law like this in NJ.

I don’t think we should outsource this to teachers and counselors.

Particularly when the VAST majority support LGBTQ and minors transitioning. A bit biased don’t you think?

I think public education should be limited to math, reading/writing.

The scope of public education has gone further than any one could imagine.

So, no value whatosever for the concept of free speech and not using the power of the state to punish speech you, personally, don’t agree with? I know, over the years, we keep going back to this…but, you are overwhelmingly favorable to authoritarianism, state power against the individual, etc.

Outsource what to teachers? Speaking to their students? You don’t think we should allow teachers and counselors to speak to their students? What you’re wanting is any teacher that is kind to a student and calls them whatever name they want to lose their entire career, be put on the national sex offender registry, to be charged with a felony, etc. Every single day children ask to be called by their middle names, nicknames, whatever. You want to criminalize and entirely destroy a person’s life for simply being nice and calling the student whatever name they want. That’s really all there is to it.

Erroneous and without any data. I.E. bullshit or “talking out of your ass”

And not speaking to students?

Has it? In what way?