Global Life Field


And the sick part is the liberal media will report this as if we should be terrified by it. And you sheep will eat that up.

Play ball…Love it.

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Really? Because I was AT THE GAME, moron. How’s that work out for your worldview?

I doubt you were…That’s probably a lie. Because…After all, you are a piece of shit.

But if you did go…Good for you, nice to see some reality in you. Bet djrion wouldn’t have went, and more importantly not only would he have “not went”…He would have viciously shamed you for going (after he finished eating your ass out) and attacked you with degrees of self-righteousness and sanctimony that may have made you think about switching the relationship to platonic.

In all seriousness though I’m glad you are venturing into reality…You haven’t shown signs of taking the common sense path since you have been on this board.