Glen Greenwald destroys

Nichole Wallace

This is what I’m talking about in the media. Wallace is only 1 small piece. They all do this. Misreport and never correct.


Often wonder what your trashy websites say, but refuse to give them revenue by getting baited. I doubt very much, if any, of it is true.

Go to Glenn greenwalds twitter. He posted the original

Here you go.

Greenwald gets destroyed in the Twitterverse on almost every post he makes. Reminds me GSClown in the miamiverse tbh.

But the Wall Street Journal and Fox News — among the only news organizations that have been given access to key documents — found that the emails and other records don’t make that case. Leaving aside the many questions about their provenance, the materials offered no evidence that Joe Biden played any role in his son’s dealings in China, let alone profited from them, both news organizations concluded.

The lack of major new revelations is perhaps the biggest reason the story has not gotten traction, but not the only one. Among others: Most mainstream news organizations, including NBC News, have not been granted access to the documents. NBC News asked by email, text, phone call and certified mail, and was ultimately denied.

Wonder who denied them access?

Trump, according to the same good government advocates who have criticized Hunter Biden, is ethically challenged when it comes to appearing to use the power of his office to enrich himself and his family. David Farenthold of The Washington Post has used federal and other records to calculate that the federal government has spent at least $2.5 million on food and lodging at Trump properties since Trump took office. Earlier this month, Ben Sasse, a Republican senator from Nebraska who is up for re-election, told supporters that Trump’s family “has treated the presidency like a business opportunity.”

Fox News, meanwhile said it “reviewed emails from Bobulinski related to the venture — and they don’t show that the elder Biden had business dealings with SinoHawk Holdings, or took any payments from them or the Chinese.”

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Last para should be a quote as well, not sure why it isn’t blocking it

Shit is wild AF

Greenwald and people like Jimmy Dore, Tulsi Gabbard…methinks have some extra $ in their bank accounts every month from sources outside of this country