Fvcking idiots

Not enough that these morons have tried to destroy democracy.

Now they want to destroy the economy too


Yea- it’s the delta variant.

Not runaway inflation that the president had to explain away today as temporary…

It’s not political instability all over the world…

It’s not lack of supply outstripping demand globally…

Nope- it’s the delta variant. Not the Lambda variant either right? Just the Delta?

Lambda is just for back up right?

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Look at fuckboy dj who just tried to call out storm now trying to keep up with him

And getting his little cunt handed to him

As per usual, you have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

Hey @djrion did the delta variant cause the market rebound today? Goofball.

Crickets ^


@djrion has gone “full retard.” He is now spamming the board in an attempt to imitate @Stormfront or some shit.

How immature and deranged and psychotic can one man be?

Such a little sissy this guy is. Imagine what he’s like in real life.

It’s obvious why his daughter has a bad opinion of him. He doesn’t even respect himself.

I love how GSC just equated “imitating Stormfront” with going “full retard.”

If that’s not an indictment of how he truly feels about SF, i don’t know what is…

He’s all cunt

Nope- I didn’t admit that. You inferred that.

I find storm’s post to be, if not insightful always, interesting to ponder and consider.

I’m saying that @djrion is posting a lot of threads in an attempt to cry about Storm posting a lot of threads. But again, I aways read @Stormfront’s posts.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Clear as day…And quite funny

Dallas laughed in his face when he asked for censorship

So now he’s trying to keep up with Storm…And getting embarrassed in doing so

Sheep like djrion are the enemy…If I cross paths with him, I’m stomping him within inches of his life.