FSU Killing It Recruiting

I am still contemplating FSU and Norvell. Some feel Norvell is not a good coach. However, his teams at Memphis were offensive juggernauts, and presently FSU’s recruiting class is up to No. 3 on the 247 Team List.

Being right is so important to us the fans. To see a bold prediction pan out is oh so satisfying. I took great glee, perhaps even obnoxiously, when I predicted Saban would leave the Dolphins and lead Alabama to glory. I based this prediction on Saban’s previous seasons at Michigan State and LSU.

Now, I am going to make a bold statement that FSU is on the rise, and next year they are going to clean our clock on the playing field. This year, most predictions about their play are very negative. IMO, FSU is going to prove the pundits wrong, certainly next year, and perhaps even this year. They’ve got a QB and a backfield capable of putting up points. I think Norvell’s Memphis record was no accident. I think we really need to begin to worry about FSU.

If I am wrong, please explain where I am over estimating their success. Sure, I hate being wrong. I’d rather be a crowing rooster, even somewhat irrational like Djrion, so I am asking for a critique of my predictions, and I won’t mind at all being called a “dumb f*ck.”

I’m not going to disagree with you that FSU will be a force to be reckoned with in next few years, that would be most everybody’s expectation. It’s FSU.
But, I wouldn’t be too much stock in current ranking. They have 14 recruits, 1 five star then split between 4 and 3s. I know the star game is not perfect, but it’s pretty good.

They are recruiting very well but their roster for 2021 is the worst I can ever remember going into a season. If he wins 8 games then storm saying coaching does not matter will be proven wrong because only great coaching can win that many with this group