Freedom Convoy

Links to far-right and separatist groups

  • One of the lead organizers of the convoy, James Bauder, has previously stated support for QAnon, endorsed conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 U.S. presidential election, and called for the arrest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for alleged treason.[135] On February 3, 2022, Romana Didulo arrived in Ottawa with supporters. Didulo calls herself the “Queen of Canada” and is a conspiracy theorist linked to QAnon.[136] In November 2021, she called on her 73,000 Telegram followers to shoot healthcare workers.[137] An episode of The Faulkner Focus, hosted by Harris Faulkner, was criticized by The Daily Beast in February 2022 for trying to normalize the protests and anti-vaccine sentiment, saying that the protesters were not a fringe minority, but represented the mainstream of society and had international support. The montage of protesters she showed prominently displayed imagery relating to QAnon.[138]
  • The Facebook page for the convoy has shared content from and listed as an organizer Wexit co-founder and Yellow Vest Canada organizer Patrick King, who has previously hosted counter-protests to anti-racism rallies, spread COVID-19 misinformation, and spread the Great Replacement conspiracy theory.[139][140][141]
  • Maverick Party - Tamara Lich, the protest’s fundraiser, is Secretary for the Maverick Party, a western separatist group formerly known as Wexit Canada.[110] Lich was previously the regional co-ordinator for Wexit in southeastern Alberta and board member for Wexit Alberta.[142] The Maverick Party has denied involvement in fundraising for the convoy, issuing a statement on January 24 saying that the party is not involved in the protest.[112]
  • Action 4 Canada - associated with the Canada Unity group inside the Freedom Convoy - Islamophobic and anti-LGBTQ conspiracy group with webpages about the dangers of political Islam, health consequences of 5G technology and underreporting of adverse vaccine reactions.[139] Founded by Tanya Gaw who actively supported the Yellow Vests protests of 2019.[143]
  • No More Lockdowns - Jason LaFace, Canada Unity’s Ontario organizer for the Freedom Convoy is also a main organizer for No More Lockdowns Canada - An anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine mandate organization primarily associated with expelled Ontario MPP Randy Hillier which holds anti-lockdown rallies across Ontario.[49][144]
  • Peoples Party of Canada - Benjamin Dichter who is listed as an organizer on the Freedom Convoy GoFundMe page and who is an organizer of the Freedom Convoy was a speaker at the inaugural 2019 PPC National Convention where he claimed political Islam has infiltrated the Conservative Party and is “rotting away at our society like syphilis”.[145]
  • Soldiers of Odin - Convoy leader Dave Steenburg and admin of the Convoy Facebook page Jason LaFace both have posted material by Soldiers of Odin, a neo-Nazi vigilante group, on their Facebook pages, LaFace even wearing a SOO jacket
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Protests don’t seem so violent though. Not like the BLM protests from last year.

Media so wants them to be violent.

Canadians are fed up with their authoritarian government, and rightfully so.


Not to mention these “truckers” using their commie tactics to thwart capitalism. Sounds exactly like the US conservatives around here. Every chance they get…

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Let me guess, wait for it, wait for it, WAIT FOR IT


Yeah, given the thousands and thousands of folks involved that seems pretty minor. Mischief? Lol. Not burning down cities like your BLM heroes. Not comparable. Nice try though!

TBD on who causes more damages. Shutting down an economy, like you communist fucks like to do, is pretty damn expensive

You mean like draconian lockdowns and such? That is pretty expensive and damaging, I agree. That’s why they are protesting!

No, I mean like imbeciles who refuse to get vaccinated encouraging more future lockdowns on the economy. While they are at it, shutting down major cities by blocking roads with trucks and then ravaging the city at the same time.

Do you mean outside of the arson attempt where they tried to tie the doors together before they burnt it down?

Let’s note, Trump was the only President who impose lockdowns.

Indiana- ever since Jan 6th, freedom to assemble and protest is now a bad thing. They will update us on when it switches back. Stay tuned.

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Love these truckers

Imagine defending mandates

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Imagine making a connection between passing on the vaccine and ruining the economy

These zealots can’t even keep their tantrums straight.

So there are a few bad apples among the truck drivers, but the underlying message of the movement is one of human liberty and rejection of mandates. The conspiracists found among the truck drivers are no less than you’d likely find in your neighborhood Walmart. When, I don’t recall, was the last violent act committed by either the New Nazis or KKK? Conversely, how about BLM and Antifa violence?

Look for the Freedom Convoy to be called another “insurrection,” Burning cities, toppling statues, killing police officers, sending thousands to hospitals, destroying billions of dollars in property are according to liberals just “mostly peaceful” protests. As far as protests go. January 6 was a rather innocuous event save for the murder of Ashli Babbitt. Observers of the Freedom Convoy says they are lighting bonfires to stay warm in frigid Ottawa. They are grilling food outside. They’ve even set up some hot tubs for protesters to enjoy. They’ve put Warden into a state if hysteria trying to defame these patriotic Canadians who have had enough of Marxist governing. Conservatives just don’t burn their cities, participate in knock down games, or turn into willful savages looting stores. They have traditional values regarding human comportment and they occupy the right side of the decency continuum. They are decent people whose liberty is being assailed by the indecent Marxist left. No conservative ever shat on a police car. That act in itself was symbolic of the inherent and indecent wickedness of the left.

Sorry liberals, either the science has changed or the majority realizes they’ve been played by both vaccine mandates and tyrannical demands to submit to vaccines that may do more damage to them than Covid. P.T. Barnum was right about fooling people.

2021 KKK member Harry Rogers drove truck through BLM protesters
06/06/2021 London, Ontario truck attack
01/06/2021 Capitol Insurrection and attack on police
10/12/2020 Zagreb Shooting
02/19/2020 Hanau Shootings
12/28/2019 Monsey Hanukkah stabbing
10/28/2019 Bayonne Mosque Shooting
08/10/2019 Baerum Mosque Shooting
08/03/2019 El Paso Wal mart shooting
06/17/2019 Dallas courthouse shooting
06/02/2019 Murder of Waler Lubcke
04/27/2019 Poway Synagogue shooting
March and April 2019 Louisiana Black church fires
03/24/2019 Escondido Mosque Fires
10/27/2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
10/24/2018 Jeffersontown shootings
10/22/218 United States mail bombing attempts
03/23/2018 Murder of Mireillie Knoll
01/10/2018 Murder of Blaze Bernstein
12/07/2017 Aztech high school shooting
08/12/2017 Charlottesville car attack

Not a murder, by definition. Investigated and that junkie whore got what she deserved.

“There have been racist signs, there have been a lot of reports of people being assaulted and harassed if they wear a mask,” Stephanie Carvon, Ottawa resident and former national security analyst for the Canadian government told the BBC.

90 percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, which has disavowed the Freedom Convoy protests.

Comparisons to Jan. 6, 2021, are inevitable, and it’s plain that much of the support is coming from the U.S.: Crowdfunding is disproportionately coming from American donors and information spread by far-right influencers.



You simply are not an honest person.

Imagine if we built a list of Antifa and BLM? We would need multiple servers.

Please do. You might learn something. You might learn Antifa isn’t much more than an unorganized group of people who act as counter protestors to the organized marches by fascists groups, like the GOP favored Proud Boys, who have been indicted for setting these marches up to incite violence.

Funny how your GOP side is indicted for conspiracy charges and inciting violence charges and the boogeyman, Antifa, never is. But, you’d have to have integrity to see that. Instead, you’ll claim it’s a global conspiracy of satanic judges that have it our for right wingers.

BLM, of course, is obviously just a made up issue. It’s not like you right wingers to this DAY bitch about how Ashley Babbit, the junkie whore who broke into a capitol building with a crowd screaming about how they want to murder Congresspeople and the Vice President, attacked police, and then she tried to climb into the Congressional chambers against police orders…BUT, you’ve never seen a black guy killed by the cops you didn’t clap your hands to in joy. I mean, I’ve seen you guys and the NRA and the GOP out in full force over Amir Locke being murdered in his home by police serving a no knock warrant not even for him, while he’s asleep and then used a legally registered firearm to defend himself.

Oh wait…I guess I didn’t hear a thing from any of you about that. I’m sure his race didn’t play a factor, right?

What odd groups to defend, especially with such easily found answers.

Of course, Ashli Babbitt was murdered. A simple baton would have decommissioned poor young Ashli.

Your list I find completely lacking in comparison of the BLM and antifa violence and destruction. Most of your reports are about pervs violating children and pornography.

I root for the good guys, the Tea Party type patriots, church goers, charitable contributors, persons who are non-troglodytal, who don’t litter, and raise their children responsibly,. I have an animus against criminals, surly gang members, especially those who commit violent crimes. The color of murder in the United States is black. There are disproportionate numbers of blacks committing murder and a disproportionate number of black murder victims. The color of a persons skin is immaterial., What is material is behavior. Those who transgress deserve punishment. Apparently, Democrats are failures in controlling violent crime in their cities. It has gone on for decades. The same failure is found also in the schools of Democrat-controlled cities. Poor schools, poor teachers, rebellious low-performing students. Teachers are now teaching students to hate one another when even a moron knows that teamwork and unity build a community. Time and again, the left protects the thugs and illegal aliens and blames the decent traditional Americans, smearing them as being racists just like Warden has done to me. According to the left, POC deserve to be accorded greater rights than all others and are perennial victims of white people and cannot succeed without subsidies paid by white people.
I’d like a leftist to explain to me why there are no white flash mobs. Few if any white attacks on Asians. Where are the white knock out game perps who prey on the elderly always stealing their wallets and cell phones? Why does MSM suppress reports and photos of black criminals? .This type of behavior is atrocious, uncivilized, and deserving of incarceration. Racists come in all colors, but hate crimes show again a disproportionate number of hate crimes against other races committed by blacks. But, according to liberals complaining about black crime is racist, just not kosher.

The truckers are a wonderful bunch, serving the needs of the people. Compared to BLM and Antifa, they are IMO bordering on being angelic They are opposed by a failed leftist government that wants to deprive them of their liberty and unalienable rights of humanity. The left has their collective pants in a wad because they are trying to institute tyranny. Liberty means leaving people the hell alone, not interfering in their lives, stop arrogantly claiming the vaccine won’t kill them six months from now.

Saskatchewan and Alberta announced that they are pulling back mask restrictions. Maybe the protests are resonating?

How curious, you NEVER take that stance when it’s upon a black person. In fact, you defend their deaths to no end. Quite revealing and consistent.

We’ve seen the trash you support. It’s quite evident.

No, you have animus against black people who you assume are all surly gang members who commit violent crimes.

See above

Ironically, see above. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Unless, they’re white. Hence, your defense of the junkie traitor, domestic terrorist Ashli Babbitt while then calling all black people criminals.

None of the rest of this is even worth reading. You’re just a simple, dishonest racist. Not worth the effort.
Trash person, trash soul…you’re just not worth even finishing the read.