Former police detective charged in Breonna Taylor’s death to plead guilty

faked the reason for the warrant…I’m sure the land deal had nothing to do with it, or the “area based investigation” squad the mayor setup, or the fact they then purchased the land for $1 and demolished the entire block for a project they’ve been trying to get done since 2016…had nothing to do with it.

I saw someone on TikTok explaining this exact same thing. I just haven’t had a chance to research it on my own.

If its Kes.Io…take it with a grain of salt. He’s good and brings up good things to research, but I’m not exactly sure he isn’t a propagandist. He said they took shots at Taylor through the window before the breach. I looked at the place it happened and you couldn’t have gotten to a bedroom window without a hovercraft.

Not a lot about Kes.IO. Notice in some of his videos he refers to “we” when talking about China and sometimes about Taiwan. Doesn’t mean his points aren’t good holes to dig, but I don’t think he’s entirely on the up and up. I’ve noticed he’s said a few things blatantly wrong and a few things that seem to make you wonder how in the hell he got that info? He was the starting point on this one for me. I went down the rabbit hole. It’s dirty

It wasn’t him, but this guy pointed out the land deal.