Foreign Influence October 30, 2022 Russians Used a US Firm to Funnel Funds to GOP in 2018. Dems Say the FEC Let Them Get Away With It

I find journalism so interesting. Because there’s so many ways you can psychologically manipulate people without them ever suspecting it.

I had to dig multiple paragraphs to discover the number that was donated. Isn’t that the first OBVIOUS question? If it were big they’d lead with it.


So just to give everyone some perspective here, the RNC raised $325,000,000 in 2018 from what I can gather.

We’re talking about 0.000203% of all donations that went to the RNC.

The Russians made an enormous impact it would seem. Had a head seat at the table.

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That’s because you are a dishonest person at the core.

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Cool thing Pronoun Pete.

It is Pronoun Peter (In Your Mouth). Get it crooked.

Considering how your entire party is willing to gobble the knob of our enemy, seems that would be the case, yes.

It’s a non-story warden. And I don’t even like the GOP- for all I care they can disband tomorrow. But it’s still a nothing burger.

Breaking laws is a non issue for you. Trying to dismantle the Constitution is a non issue for you. Immorality is a non issue for you. You pretend you’re not GOP, but you’re absolutely nothing BUT a GOPer. You’re not special. You’re a die hard GOPer who doesn’t want to take responsibility for the bullshit that didn’t work, that you all pushed for years, and now you pretend you’re something “other” than GOP, while voting all GOP.

Nothing special here, nothing to see. Just people who have no integrity not taking responsibility. It’s a feature of your party…the GOP

These guys just never stop with the moralizing. Bunch of fucking nuns he and Djrion are. And they don’t even believe in a religion or moral code. Tells you all you need to know.

Tells you we try to be good without needing the reward/punishment and cultism that you require for your belief system.


Nice link dipshit

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