Football is Gay

The NFL thinks this is good for business. One more reason for me and millions of others not to watch this dying sport.

See ya!



I could care less honestly…What is hilarious about this is that people think the players and league themselves really give one fuck about this.

The best thing the NFL could is STFU about this matter. Making a political statement is dumb with a capital D. They’re following the same political pathway as the NBA which has toned it down learning that fans don’t go to athletic events to celebrate diversity issues. The game should not be turned into a side show. Uniforms should all be the same, and owners should insist on no political demonstrations on company time All should stand reverently for the National Anthem… When not on company time, players can wear dresses, BLM shirts, twerk all they want, worship Satan, or act like fools to their hearts’ content At work, you follow team rules or go start your own football league. .