Florida school board candidate says doctors who treat trans kids ‘should be hanging from the nearest tree’

Not surprising as this Bikki hood

Jesus hung from a tree. It’s not exclusive to black Americans.

I think it’s clear her intent is that doctors who perform these atrocities on children should be executed.

The left is great at this type of nonsense.

Bikkihood is comprised of two communities, one on the beach and the other on the bayou.

Both neighborhoods are filled with kind, and mostly sane people…Both neighborhood are diverse. People are truly judged on content of character. Crime is almost unknown in both Bikkihood venues. Yesterday, my liberal attorney neighbor finally came to his senses, and will support a Republican candidate for the first time in his life. While he still loves Obama, the worst president in U.S. history, he despises Biden. He said if he had to do it over again, he would have voted for Trump. I like the guy a lot better now. I no longer begrudge lending him my wheelbarrow which he never cleans after borrowing. I love my neighbors in both locales, and I believe there is reciprocal love my being such a fair and upright person.