Florida man with cheesecake

Y’all be cra cra running that Chinese spy/bloat ware on your devices mane.

Definitely staged but funny. The only thing that makes me think it may be real is that it’s Florida. And you can never count out Florida for weird shit happening.

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Seriously, though - what info are they grabbing more of than facebook, or instagram or even the phone itself?
I mean…what could you get from me? I like dog and cat and jujitsu videos?

@GardenStateCane even you would admit (I hope) - regardless of political affiliation, the NY Post’s title of trump announcing for 2024 is objectively funny (Florida Man Makes Announcement). :rofl:

DJ is right on this one about TikTok.

Warden, read the terms of service that you accept when you download the app: it goes beyond just tracking what videos you like.

Here’s a copy of the privacy policy

that’s a lot of nasty stuff