First DE Drafted Jaelen Phillips

will be a nice recruiting pitch for Diaz…outstanding.

hopefully GR15 sneaks into the 1st also.

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He better or his decision to opt out looks really dumb.

Wow- good for Jaelen. Wasn’t so long ago they were saying he would never play again. Amazing come back story. Hope he does well.


i think GR15 is the last guy in the green room. i don’t know what he was thinking showing up there after the dismal pro day. bad look

there it is…GR15 goes to buffalo at no. 30.

now we definitely have something to sell to these stud DE recruits.


Happy for both of these guys. I don’t see either one being pro-bowlers but 8-10 sack guys a year for 10 years

GR could turn into a ProBowler or bust. The bust would be due to injuries.

Phillips IMO is similar with the injury concerns but his build appears to be one that would allow him to have a longer career.

Both have only played one year at DE so it is hard to really say. GR could also add 20lbs and play 3tech.