Federal judge blocks NCAA from enforcing NIL rules

Saw this and thought that it might help remove any dark corners the NCAA’s duplicitous motives might hide in. Like any monopoly it hates to see any parts of its stranglehold removed and is trying any argument it thinks would show it as a benevolent authority.

I’m sure some of us also read Saban’s comments this week about how he would like to be a help shaping the landscape going forward …since what is currently happening is unsustainable and likely heading to a bad outcome. I’m also sure that with the invention of the printing-press …there was a hue and cry in some quarters to the equivalent of today’s …> .“Well…there goes the neighborhood !”


The NCAA fought long and hard to keep recruits from getting paychecks, because once the money comes in the NCAA loses control. There will be more lawsuits and court cases.

I’m happy for the players. Anything that spreads the love is a good thing. But there may be some unfortunate side effects to the game.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the NCAA. In fact I would love to see them have to pay for all the past athletes that they got rich off of…. Particularly the ones they demonized.