Fauci crushes 51 northam



Storm thinks that because I supported Fauci on his response to COVID that I also support his approach to everything else in his personal life and career.

That’s why it’s not worth it.

But that’s ok. He will be gone. Effective 1/1/22.

Tickey tockey.

That’s what he thinks with Trump so he can’t see anything else.

How can any man walking on two feet say this?

It truly amazes me how many people all of a sudden have a license to practice medicine when a pandemic appears.

Not pertinent

Per usual

It is pertinent.

You’d rather follow a guy who suggested we should inject disinfectant vs a guy who’s made virology a 45-year career.

I don’t follow at all…i know that’s hard for a fucking sheep like you to understand

He’s such a contrarian guysm.

Whatever happened to this guy? He was a legend.

If you don’t follow it then you’ve got no fucking clue what your talking about and no fucking reason to respond. Thanks.

No I don’t follow people…I don’t Fauci and his agenda to assess my covid risk, nor do I need Donald Trump.

So…still, you don’t follow them. Er go, you have no reason to comment or criticize my opinions on them.

How can you criticize me on supporting someone (or not) when you don’t follow them.

Follow them and offer an opinion. Otherwise, stop talking.

Follow means I am not follower…Not…By keeping tabs and follow what they say

Following means you are monitoring what they say. You say you’ve not done that.

So you have no right to talk.

Monitoring as opposed to taking their advice. Sure.

So what is it? Because thus far you’ve not demonstrated anything that tells me you know anything about the subject - other than you see a post from me and automatically disagree.

If you don’t pay attention to a topic, stop offering insight.

You haven’t offered one bit of insight on either board in 2-3 years.

Thanks for your opinion, which comes from someone who has a full time job of simply hurling insults at people.

Do you have kids? If so it wouldn’t shock me in the least that, when then get into disagreements with other kids you encourage them to call them cunts and retarded and threaten physical harm.

You must be the most popular kid in your grade.