Exterminate all the brutes


Been pure class so far.

Looks like a pile of rubbish to me discounting European civilization, blaming white people for taking unfair advantage of others. Complete historical revisionism. I have traveled the world, and there is no nation comprised of more diverse people that ever prospered from top to bottom as has the USA. It was WHITE people who ended world slavery, who passed the first emancipation laws, and broke the back of slavers. It was hundreds of thousands of WHITE people who perished on the side of the North to free the nation of slavery. European civilization is the most scientifically advanced, most ethical, and most desirable among world civilizations. Otherwise, there would not be more than 100 million worldwide wanting to come to the USA.

Guilt trips are not what this country needs. What it needs is to look forward to improving the nation, not denigrate it, and portray it as an evil entity. It needs MAGA capitalism not socialism. As for Black people, there is no black-governed nation or any other nation period where Black people have prospered more than in the USA. The total wealth of all American Blacks is greater than all but 17 nations on the planet. Ironically, the descendants of those who came in chains to this country are now more fortunate than their breathren in any other country.

Instead of watching liberal revisionist historical movies, see one that is authentic. I recommend the movies Dinesh DeSouza who happens to love this country.