Explanation of critical race theory

This is probably the most precise explanation of critical race theory I’ve ever seen. It sums the situation up in totality.

No thanks…Not interested you fucking cunt.

It’s just a guy who says he doesn’t like crt and when asked to explain it says he’s not an expert in it and so he’s feather not.

Life altering stuff.

Grade A victim of propaganda here. He’s against something he can’t explain, and not just against it, but he says it’s the most important issue in the election. That’s your definition of a sheep.

Altho I side with GSC on this type of thing. There are idiots on all sides, all over the place. This guy is one but it doesn’t paint them all that way.

Or maybe he saw the set up and didn’t feel like partaking in it?

I’d rather be called an idiot than a racist so…. You know. Maybe he shares that sentiment.

If that’s the case he should have declined to comment instead of saying he didn’t know.

Not only that, are you telling me he couldn’t come up with a sentence or two to say that wouldn’t sound racist? that’s a bad look already.

And third, if he was worried about being called a racist in the media, he wouldn’t have told them he was against CRT in the first place.

So I don’t buy it.

Critical Race Theory is based on humans being color conscious not color blind, and individuals defined entirely by the color of their skin. Teaching such garbage does nothing but divide people by race and creates new victims of discrimination. Its goal is not equality but proportionate equity based on race rather than merit. Understandably, parents object to their children being taught such sophistry, and the Democrat Party is very unwise to make it part of their political platform because it is perceived, I think rightly, as Black Supremacy dogma.

Even though CRT is such a nebulous term as to be practically useless, I generally agree, i think kids should be taught idealism, that everyone is equal, instead of of division and blame.

Well said, 305. MLK had it right with respect to adjudging others. You’ll recall in the past all the controversy invoked by the practice of “stereotyping.” It’s sort of amusing how we coin terms, ascribe great importance to them, then become blase about them followed by forgetting about them almost entirely… Equality of opportunity is a noble goal while equity is an impossible outcome.

I used to counsel young teachers taking education courses to achieve teacher certification. I’d advise them to learn two of the most beloved terms of recent coinage. By using such terms in their writing, they were guaranteed to impress the liberal muttonheads teaching worthless courses endured by educators. The two words were relevance and eclectic.


Still out there telling lies on the reg. Not an ounce of truth in the entire post.

You have no idea what you are even talking about.

CRT was the reason Virginia has a new governor. What is clearly evident is that you don’t understand that sane Americans reject racism, and CRT’s entire focus revolves around skin hue. Small wonder parents object strenuously to such divisive teaching. I have traveled around the world, and there is no country less racially oppressive than the USA. Advancement in society is product of discernible achievement and equality of opportunity. If anything you are one out of touch with reality and have a distorted understanding of social justice. The breakdown of the traditional family resulting from government intervention has stunted the progress of African Americans, and one only need cast a glance at the comparative progress of Asian immigrants to understand the nurturance of family accounts for lifetime success. Read Thomas Sowell and the late Walter Williams on this topic and you’ll understand better macroeconomic and social mobility. This is just the beginning of the diminution of progressive influence in America. Biden’s failure will accelerate the failure of Democrat candidates especially those who support specious premises such as CRT. Wait until gasoline tops five dollars a gallon and electricity becomes too expensive to heat homes, food extravagantly expensive. The people will rebel.

It’s a shame that Murphy thanks to mail in ballots will likely win in New Jersey. The result will be more Jerseyites giving up and moving to Florida. Half of my family hails from New Jersey, but not a single family member has remained there. They were taxed out of the state.

Nah, these things have been cyclical since the beginning of time. 2022 will be a red wave just as 2018 was a blue. This is almost guaranteed unless Biden magically solves the economic issues. In fact, I’d say Biden only has a year to do big things or the Pubs are guaranteed to win the next presidency.

You can bank on it.