Everything as Usual in Chicago

Last year, 14 were murdered and 100 wounded in Chicago during Independence Day weekend. Why all the attention to the six killed in Highland Park when 9 murders were already committed earlier this weekend in the Chicago hood. Were I a black American, I’d feel rather resentful that when whites are gunned down all of a sudden there is great public concern.

Liberal fools will scream for more gun laws but where were their voices earlier this very weekend. Why should it surprise anyone that people are getting mowed down in Chicago. The problem isn’t the guns, it’s liberal governance. In liberal cities, violent crime thrives, and liberal leaders only give a damn about it when white people who are slain. If you are a member of law abiding black family living in Chicago, the slaying of your family just doesn’t matter at all, because nothing has been done about it for time immemorial. Black Lives Don’t Matter in Chicago and in most, high crime liberal governed cities.