Even FOX

Lol- Fox is shit. Always has been. It’s no surprise.

Only 100% allegiance to the Fuhrer, right?

Oh absolutely not. I don’t hate them because of their stance on Trump. I stopped watching Fox news probably around 2011 well before Trump was in office or even thought about running. I hate Fox because their corporate media. And they are the worst type of corporate media.

I look at the entire Media complex as a very well designed system. Let’s pretend for a minute at the American media complex is a car.

The gas or the fuel are the social media sites the engine are your left wingers and Fox News are the gaskets. Fox News is designed to placate conservatives. To act as a pressure release system so that outraged conservatives have a place to go where they feel like somebody is listening. Somebody gets me! So that these enraged conservatives can calm down and go back to work and not protest in the streets. So Fox News can go fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned. They just part of the system

I’ve always found your statement that the more the source is viewed as fake, the more you support it. Shows quite a bit. Again, you’re as transparent as hell. Simple.

Funny I have the same observation about you.

Except we have you literally saying the more un-trusted a source is the more you trust it. You seek fake news to verify your points.

You’re words/interpretation. I believe the further away the source is from the mainstream the more I will both trust it and engage it.

By the way- this includes left wing. I am a big reader of ProPublica for instance. Think they do amazing work.