Even Alan derposhowitz

Has flipped on Trump


Let our resident Trump Cum Dumpster, GSCl :lying_face: wn start his excuse machine

So now you like him again? He’s regained his “esteemed status” once more lol.

I will always respect Mr Dershowitz’s legal mind. This doesn’t change that.

Typical of Newsweek, they grab the juicy part of his statement for the headline, which is common sense, and ignore the more sober parts.

Even I think the the DOJ can indict. I called for it! But they better have the goods!!!

I think the problem with all of you guys on that side as you don’t understand the difference between an indictment and a conviction

Not at all, why would you ask a stupid question like that?

50 other sources out there pointing to the exact same thing. Have fun reading them

You don’t understand his point which is why you gave this response.

Indictments are very easy to get. He and I concede that. It’s where the phrase “you can indict a ham sandwich” comes from.

Getting convictions are hard. The higher profile the case, the more difficult. It may even be argued in this case that Trump could never receive a fair trial because of his status. So many issues with going forward with this… but they have to now. They’ve forced this position on the board.

By the way- here’s how Dersh really feels.


I understand it just fine, clown.

No tweet?

Yea- I don’t think you do champ…. Sorry- I mean chump.

Comes up for me.

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Weird, I had to open it in another browser for it to work.

Anyway, I agree with his statement that they shouldn’t go after Trump unless there’s bipartisan support / a smoking gun. The last thing I want is another media circus.

So far they haven’t “gone after him” yet on this thing. I suppose the investigation is still happening in the background and we’ll see what comes of it.

See my comment in the other thread about them using this to simply find OTHER convictable evidence.

If they had something they’d have moved on it.

Now they are strategizing on what their next move is. Watch another raid happen at Trump tower or at one of his golf courses. Lol.

Which is you being GSCl :rofl: wn and nothing more.

What’s so difficult about getting an indictment when the Grand Jury is picked from within a venue where more than 90 percent of the voting populace voted for the Big Guy rather than the Great Orange Man.

When the Republicans get back in power, the fist thing they should do is move the U.S. capital to Oklahoma which is full of sane humans. You’d not find any Djrion or Wardens in Oklahoma, just nice people with great clarity of thought.

bikki- these gentlemen have repeatedly shown their ignorance of our jurisprudence system. What they don’t understand is the reason “you can indict a ham sandwich” in front of a Federal (and most state) Grand Jury is because the defense is only present IF THE DEFENDANT DECIDES TO WAIVE HIS MIRANDA RIGHTS AND TESTIFY.

No defense counsel would allow that. So prosecutors are allowed to put on evidence UNCONTESTED.

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Yup. I’m aware of your position and I disagree.

Your position is ignoring the crimes that (allegedly) happened to focus on a conspiracy. It’s not a convincing position.

Docs were out there. They couldn’t get that back in a civil fashion, so they had to serve a warrant. That’s what they moved on.

It’s certainly possible if there’s more stuff out there. Personally I’d be slightly surprised if there was, but it’s possible. Who really knows?

GSCl :lying_face: wn is the biggest moron I’ve ever seen. And that says a lot. Total tool.

He also refuses to admit derpo flipped from THEY won’t indict to all of sudden they have enough to indict. All because he can’t see two feet passed any conspiracy he dreams up and because he worships his Lord savioer as a false idol, Herr Trump.

Post the article or video where Dershowitz said “they won’t” or “they can’t” indict.

Let them have a trial. The first motion by the defense will be to throw out all evidence found at raid due to the excessive Lavrenti-Beria breadth of the affidavit. It was the FBI searching for a crime not for specific evidence of a suspected crime.

Going forward to trial, the Justice Department will fold under discovery rather than releasing incriminating evidence of their own illegal activity.

Trump is the embodiment of messianic purity compared to the bad actors in the Justice Department. Ironically Trump is far more law abiding than the government

NY Times Editorial Board just called for his indictment. Lol.

Way to remain impartial guys.

Highly recommended reading and very well balanced

The Justice Department is reportedly examining Mr. Trump’s conduct, including his role in trying to overturn the election and in taking home classified documents. If Attorney General Merrick Garland and his staff conclude that there is sufficient evidence to establish Mr. Trump’s guilt on a serious charge in a court of law, then they must seek an indictment too.