Eric Trump comes under fire for claiming his father has done more for Christianity than anyone

Eric was right that his father was a strong voice for Christianity, but everyone knows that Trump was not done more than all others. It was a case of misspeak on Eric’s part. No big deal. Trump is the most salient politician in more than century.

Trump is an awful Christian. And? So what? So am I.

Moses was a horrible Jew. So was Noah.

Kind David was a wretched Jew. Fucked more women out of wedlock than you could count in a lifetime. Committed murder in cold blood over lust.

They were all chosen by God to lead the people and did it faithfully.

I couldn’t care less if Trump is a good Christian or not. I care that he’s a good leader that does good for his people.

You’re such a fucking idiot. Noah predated Judaism in your Bible. Neither was Moses, just like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not Jews. Maybe you should ask Jews…Was Moses Jewish ? - The Jerusalem Post

They were smurfed by the smurfman in Smurfdom to spread smurfiness

The reality is you want bad things, from a bad man, but want to feel good about yourself for choosing bad so you wrap it up in your religious self righteousness to justify your behavior and beliefs. It’s as old as the Bible itself. You’re not special

Noah wasn’t a Jew in his day but he’s the “father” of Abraham and that line and descended from Adam who is the “father of all.” They are all Jews because of this. Noah was a prophet chosen by god. To say he wasn’t one of God’s people is just silly.

You’re very bad at psychoanalyzing. Every thing in here is just wrong. It’s a projection of what you want/need me to be.

No, they aren’t. You admitted Noah wasn’t a Jew in religious practice. Jew refers to both the religion and the bloodline. Since, you cannot be good or bad at having your own blood, your reference to the religion. Being related to someone who is of a religion doesn’t make you part of said religion, particularly when it didn’t exist. As per usual, with almost every single post you make, you’re being dishonest.

Do your kids know how often you lie? Wow.

That’s a pretty weak response. Again, you’ve chosen bad. You’ve chosen the immoral. You’ve championed it and it is wholly imprinted on you. At your core, you’re immoral, a dishonest person, and a horrid example for those around you. It’s pretty clear you justify your immoral actions and immoral beliefs through your religion, which again is a pretty common historical example of some of the worst actions in our world’s history. You’re not special, not unique in any way. You are, however, another example of how weak men turn to darkness. You are, as can be seen daily, a remarkably weak man.