Enrique Tarrio

Is a fed and local narc? Lmfao

Just proves my theory that every single group that poses a threat to the government gets infiltrated. Every… single… one.

Our government is amazing that way.


Oh, the Proud Boys are gonna REALLY love Tarrio now…

As GSC says, it’s not a surprise there are snitches among their ranks. This is what they do. They arrest criminals and flip them to go after others.

You missed the point :thinking:

It’s not that there are “snitches” among them.

It’s that - the Feds are implanted. Making operating decisions.

This isn’t a low level guy. It’s their LEADER.

Same with Antifa. Same with BLM. Same with any group that has the potential to create an insurrection against the establishment.

Well, if I missed the point then you missed the facts.

Tarrio was not a fed. He was a snitch. Like I said.

It’s fairly common for leaders of organizations to be snitches, btw. It’s part of the reason they survive so long. They snitch to avoid being arrested.


You don’t know what an asset is? You think it’s always an officer undercover that infiltrates?

That’s very dangerous. Sending in assets is an invaluable tool they use to keep arms length while still being able to exert control.

This is my entire point.

I agree.

The Feds literally dig up dirt on these guys and use them under threat of indictment, public embarrassment, a family member being investigated.

It’s pure mafia tactics. Gestapo.

I do. A snitch is an asset. Tarrio was a snitch. BUT, and be clear with us if you’re disputing this, Tarrio was NOT a fed.

Tattoo was not technically “a Fed” but he in practice he was. All assets are.

If we’re doing a drug deal and you’re an asset or an officer what difference does it make to me? Same result.

Which doesn’t make anything I said previously wrong. And it’s a worthwhile distinction to say exactly what he is.

But the real debate here is something we don’t know. Did Tarrio found/help create/lead the Proud Boys at the fed’s direction, or did he merely snitch here and there to survive?

I thought the operative word was informant. I could be wrong.

CIA uses the term “asset”

FBI uses the term “confidential informant.”

Both are essentially the same thing.

A person under the agency’s control who offers both intelligence and assistance in operations.