Emploment jobs added

Just came out, failure this month.

Serious question - what Biden policy or bill contributed to this?

The lockdowns are ending. That’s the reason for the change. It’s a good sign for our country.

The real problem is people not going back to work because the unemployment benefits are better than getting a job. I’ve heard so many stories of companies that have open positions that can’t be filled.

If you are making $20/hour not working, you would easily choose that over $20/hour to work.

Because this govt doesn’t want people to work. They want you dependent on them…Hence doubling and tripling down and extending covid lockdowns.

It is clear is day.

People laugh when i mention communism. We just keep going further and further left

Regardless of sector, cannot find sufficient quality workers.

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So many business owners I know saying this.

Wyoming as well

We’ve added 15 new employees to a tech company. Quality employees can be found. That said, we do pay well above the average.

I believe there are multiple factors and every location is different. For example, $20/hr in So Cal isn’t enough to live off of. $20/hr in WV likely keeps people away from work at $10-15/hr. Another major factor is schools and daycares. If moms have to stay home then they can’t take jobs unless they are work from home jobs.

Beautiful…Let’s quit running from this convenient little pandemic.