“Embarrassing”: Even Republicans fume at Michigan GOP for defending candidates busted for fraud

What am I missing here?

The vendor they contracted was busted right?

I’m not denying they have compliance requirements here and if found guilty share the burden…. But as of right now the evidence is that this group they hired, liked to democrats, did the fraud.

Funny how you never find these ones

Could be the gravity…like, mine is half the GOP field in a Governor race and yours is the Compton City Council. Also, the Compton City Council doesn’t run on political parties, and his isn’t even listed.

Funny how you always make excuses for everyone and everything done in your party, the party you support and vote for yet pretend you’re in ANOTHER party that doesn’t actually exist comprised of the exact same members as the aforementioned party.

How about this one mr integrity?

Big enough for you?

He misses another one!

Yeah, seems so. Good thing she’s going down.

Now back to your GOP governor race you’ve expressed no sentiment about except defending the candidates caught.

WTF is an alderman? Do they say “here ye, here ye?”