Elon Musk offers to buy 100% of Twitter for $54 a share

I know there’s another thread about this topic, but it won’t be up much longer.

Elon will make it a better company. He dislikes Biden which has become a sign of normalcy, and he believes in free speech, even for conservatives.

Taking it private is a great idea also. Elon will be free to monetize 89 million subscribers. Advertising potential is phenomenal. Once profits start rolling in, he’ll have an IPO retaining a huge percentage of shares to retain control. The IPO should net him a two or three hundred percent profit, and his own shares will likely grow in value.

Lol now let’s attack Musk…Ya we get it. Everyone who isn’t a meltdown prone far left wack job is a bad guy

You partisan sheep are pure comedy.


I heard he sold his shares before Elon made the tender.

Who is that and what if his hunch isn’t correct Storm?

You’ll need a sheriff’s posse to find whoever typed that.

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Trump and other Republicans will perpetuate the bias allegation, in part, because it appeals to the same conspiratorial mindset that has fostered the QAnon movement and that animated at least some of the rioters at the U.S. Capitol. It’s also a handy fundraising tool.

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Remember when liberals loved Elon Musk

Good times

They really gave them a day of rest too…So fucking funny

Elon is going to win if there is proxy war I’d love to see it. I’ve been in dozens of proxy wars against management and never won one. Elon has the vote of the small share holders who want profit, but he also will get Vanguard’s block. Elon is going to win, and a lot of people are going to have wonderful gains. The big losers will be the progressive, fascist censors. You bet your ass Trump will be back on Twitter. Elon aims to make it a fair forum not an example of leftist fascism. When Elon gets through re-inventing Twitter, he’ll take it public again, and all the crap face progressives will either swear fealty to Elon or he’ll hire more libertarians. Hell, I’ll put my name in the hat for a job being the paragon I am of First Amendment rights. I’d work for the new Twitter without compensation just as long as I could stick it to the fascists. When Elon gets done with Twitter, it will be earning money I’ll guarantee that. My guess he’ll float half the existing shares, and I’m estimating the underwriter’s initial pricing close to $100 a share. Like FB, I don’t expect it to jump out of the box, and there will be some lock up shares unlocked a month later. Give it six months in the after market, and Twitter is going to begin climbing into the stratosphere. I will be buying shares myself of Twitter at IPO since thanks to Trump, I for the first time in my life own a Goldman’s account. Besides, I’m all for African-Americans. Elon should see his wealth expanded by another 100 billion dollars.

Lol, elon was already outbid

No he wasn’t outbid. There are only 30 companies in China capable of consummating a Tesla takeover. There will be no matching bids to Elon’s, and it might be years before Twitter market cap attains the price that Elon is offering. Don’t believe fake news. What is interesting is how the liberals all of a sudden love Vanguard, Saudi Arabia, and Blackrock. All because liberals are the fascists who desire to retain censorship while at the same time declaring they’re preserving democracy. What a crock of crap. Look how your great liberal, the moron you voted for, is doing as president. Comparatively, Americans were thriving under Trump. Cheap gas, no alien invasion, full store shelves, lower prices, no wars.

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Tron founder comparatively speaking has very little money, nor does Tron Corporation. The bid is some sort of trolling effort. There are no other bids and to my knowledge no other source of private venture capital that would risk a private take over at such an astronomical price. The Tron bid is not for real, Dj. I regard it as fake news, and I await to see the financing arrangements.