Elon- Free Speech Absolutist

I guess he wasn’t so free speech absolutist after all, huh?

Even before all the Twitter stuff started, I’ve always told people this one statement.
Freedom of Speech does not come with Freedom from Consequences. You have the right to say whatever it is that you like. You must also be willing to accept any and all consequences that take place thereafter.


It’s obvious Elon is a leftist mole. He’s now been exposed!

RINO! RINO! :rofl:


As quickly as he reinstated him, he had to ban him. Lolololol

Best post I’ve ever seen @dallascanes make. Kudos.

Interesting how he bans Kathy Griffin for making fun of him, bans Ye for personally offending him, and then let’s the neo nazis back in.

Strange thoughts, huh? Before Elon, you got banned for violating stated terms of service. Now, with Elon at the helm, you get banned for personal offenses to Elon, nothing relating to a terms of service.
What Elon wanted was not free speech of any kind, but rather his own authoritarian playground