Election security experts seek precautions after Coffee County breach

Oh now they’re concerned? Interesting.

Concerned about you traitors copying election voting data off the machines, a felony and considered a matter of national security?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we, scumbag?

The GOP was so concerned by election security, they blocked every attempt at addressing it

You have an EX President who forecasted his lies about the election being stolen long beforehand

In fact, the same guy calls everything “rigged” every time he loses


You’re barren of morality, honesty and integrity.

Which is precisely what we’ve said from day 1 when you shit stain fucks have been trying to undermine election integrity with your fabricated reality. You built this mess, now we have to work to clean it up.

Depends if it’s friendlies or non-friendlies cheating. Got it. Awesome standard of justice.

That’s not what I said you fucking clown.

seems like how you’ve acted after we’ve shown time and time again the GOP were the fraudsters and the ones rigging votes

I must have been absent these days.

no, you’re just a dishonest person to your core