Early Enrollees

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Skeeter, do you expect any surprises on signing day in February?

We don’t have room as of today for any surprises on signing day. The only way that happens is if the NCAA allows 1-time transfers due to covid to not use Initial Counters. That would free up 3 spots for HS kids and likely more transfer spots as well.

Weren’t they supposed to rule on this soon?
Also I thought we had room for 1 more regardless?

Everything seems dead pine…To the point where I only glance briefly every day or 2.

They pushed back the date.

This is how I see it but you could be right.
Williams from Houston =1 (I honestly don’t know how they could count him forward but that is what I’ve read)

25 for '21 class

Now if they rule to allow one-time transfers COVID or Not, that frees up at least 3 spots for HS kids. This could also give Manny the ability to push kids out the door like the 8 walkons on ships and replace them with portal kids. That could help with '21 on-field and hurt '22 class numbers.

Did we put that many on ship? I had no idea.

Let me see if I can get the list.

1 Clay James
2 Marshall Few
3 Ryan Ragone
4 Colvin Alford
5 Michael Parrott
6 Camden Price
7 Jared Griffin

7 not 8

Is Griffin on Scholly? Also I’m not sure all of those had renewed…Very well could have been, just saying.

Griffin- pretty sure he was given one.

No point in NOT renewing them for now. You don’t renew them for '22 OR if the NCAA grants one time transfers. Otherwise, we go from 90 to 83 shipped players while others are at 90-110.

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Well shit, I missed some!

Elias Lugo-Fagundo, Suleman Burrows, and Michael Scibelli were on ships.

Thus, 8 with Burrows as the 8th while the other two don’t appear to be at Miami anymore.

Before anyone goes on a rampage on Manny giving away ships. We had the cap space under 85 for the team AND walk-ons that have been on campus for 2+ years don’t use an IC for a class (25/yr). This is how we were close to 80 last year, 10 were walk-ons. This is also going to flip a negative into a massive positive for Miami as Covid has gifted all players another year. Thus, 128 teams with 85 kids that can stay one more year = roughly 20*128 spots that won’t be available for HS kids either in '22,'23,'24… Most of that will be in '22 with less and less over the following years.

That said, I expect FCS and lower tier D1 schools to get some Miami level kids in '22. Then open free agency with the portal will allow those kids to transfer. There are some other schools that have lots of open seats that will benefit but none are in South Florida with the July date for earning money with your likeness.

Even if Manny can’t turn the ship around, the next coach will be walking into the best opportunity Miami has had to win since '99.