Drags this one out for

Our board moderator ya know

We’re at 4 separate threads now.

Man we could really use a board moderator about now huh?

No, it’s funny to watch you implode because you don’t know how to do anything else.

I’m not imploding…I’m telling you about your friend’s rotten corpse

Can I at least get the gravesite? So I can go take a shit on it and maybe poor out some vodka for him?

You’ve beyond imploded. Can’t even stick to one thread. You have to create others to call me out with nonsensical shit.

Guess your mind finds anything to do to pass the time when you’re locked up.

That cornball shit

I wasn’t joking.

You sure are dragging it out though

I’m not the one who created FOUR other threads.

He’s trying so hard not to delete them

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Not trying at all. Leave them up. It proves how rattled you are.

It’s really tough for him…He was so important to us all…He saved this message board so long

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Nope. This is hilarious. You’re so upset and insecure you have to create multiple threads because of your tantrum. Hell I should pin them at the top.

Please do…A reminder of your undisputed message board bratty cunt status

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Let’s remember who the author is.

Let’s remember who the subject is

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Yep, it’s you. And you can’t keep it to even 2 threads. You have to make 4 more. So now there’s SIX threads going on because you have your panties in a bunch.

Where’s a moderator when you need one?

Don’t need one. Let a guy so weak and insecure he has to go on six different threads to whine about it