Draft - Rousseau now Day 2 pick?

Seems like Rousseau has dropped out of the first round. Even our most talented players make the wrong decision about the draft, but I can see where teams are. Rousseau was no Ja’Marr Chase who had proven time and time again he was elite. Rousseau probably had few than 30 “good plays” (aka beat a quality offense scheme) and chose to turn pro.

It doesn’t help that he hasn’t played any competitive ball in over a year.

Hasn’t hurt Ja’Marr Chase or Waddle…and Waddle is likely to get drafted over D. Smith.

Rousseau has only played like 12 games though…waddle/chase played for more than one season. he would’ve really benefited with another year and that pro day kinda exposed him.

that sucks because i really wanted him and Phillips to go 1st round…it would do wonders for our recruiting i think.

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I agree. I said that in the OP. Not playing this year wouldn’t have hurt him if he had more experience, but he just doesn’t have enough tape out there.

Sort of chicken and egg, because playing this year gets him more experience, but the root cause is not enough experience because guys that didn’t play this year with enough experience are not getting punished.

It is tough for GR. I believe it was his mom that asked him to sit out. He likely should have played or just stayed for 2022 to get more tape. Now he likely will drop to day 2, not a BAD thing as there will be less pressure and he should get more time to learn the ropes. That said, the NFL is a pay-to-perform league so getting more time on a day 2 pick means he is on the practice squad for 2021 or getting minimal snaps VS tons of snaps at Miami. It is a risk either way. Stay and risk injury, go and risk not getting enough snaps to develop.

Bills come through. kid should have played. Should have stayed another year. Hope the best for the kid.