Down Goes the Nazi Flag!

The IDF downs a Nazi flag in Hebron. Djrion supports the Palestinian terrorists against Israel. You’ll recall that during WW2, the Palestinians supported and served the NAZI cause. The Palestinians want to establish a Judenrein state in place of Israel while marching all the Jews into the sea. Not only do they fire rockets willy nilly into Israel, they bayonet babies, throw stones down on praying Jews, and poison water supplies… Palestinians are an invented people, invented by Yasser Arafat, an Egyptian. When he died, Yasser had stolen 4 billion dollars of cash donated to the Palestinians by stupid leftists. His wife now lives in France in luxury. Who’d want to live governed by maniacs in West Bank or Gaza.

BLM is also a big supporter of the Palestinians.

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You know very little about Israel, DJ. Otherwise you’d recognize it is the most civilized and just nation in the Middle East. It is the only venue in the Middle East that has research universities and equal rights for all citizens. Bear in mind that twenty per cent of the nation’s population is comprised of Arabs, who have a higher standard of living and greater rights under law than any Arab people in the Middle East. There is no slavery for example in Israel. Israel has no death penalty. Were it not for Israel both West Bank and Gaza would have no utilities, no water, telephones, electricity, hospitals, roads. The Golden Age of West Bank occurred when Israel conquered it from Jordan. At that time, Jews built 2,000 factories in West Bank. The economy of West Bank grew faster than all nations save for Singapore. The West Bank Arabs prospered. When Arafat returned from Lebanon to West Bank, he closed all of the factories and began an Infitadah, suicide bombing and terrorism.

As for being refugee, most Palestinians arrived to Israel from Syria, Jordan, and Egypt AFTER 1948 when Israel was birthed. They were no more natives to Israel than the Jews that poured in from Europe. Arafat himself was an Egyptian and spoke Egyptian Arabic, a dialect distinctly different than that spoken in West Bank. In 1948, Jews were subjected to horrible persecution in Arab lands, their valuable stolen, their lands seized, and they fled the persecution to become citizens of the first Jewish state. Read about what the Holy Land was like as described by Mark Twain. It was barren, undeveloped, unproductive, and very sparsely populated. For 2,500 years, Jerusalem has had a Jewish majority population. All regions, landmarks, and names in Palestine have Jewish not Arab names. Palestine prior Arafat was known in the world as the Land of the Jews. When you said Palestinian, you were referring to Jewish people who lived on the land for thousands of years. Arafat invented Palestinians. They have no history. They were migratory people, no kings, no literature, nomads.

Palestinians are not REFUGEES. They chose to identify as same, but they are not. What kind of refugees live for over seventy years as refugees? Palestinians already have a state. It is Jordan where they make up 80 percent of the population though they are ruled by the minority Hashemites who hail from the Arabian Peninsula. There is however far more freedom in Jordan than in either West Bank or certainly in Gaza, ruled insanely by Hamas.

In history, land has changed hands many times. The final judgment of the integrity of any culture is whether justice reigns in any said country, and whether the rights of all humans, this includes women, are guaranteed under law. Read Plato on Socrates description of the most important judgment of a society of man. Israel is the only democratic nation in the Middle East, yet only comprises one tenth of one percent of Middle Eastern land. Yet the Arabs cannot stand it. They also lay claim to Spain that was ruled by Arabs for eight centuries.

I am Jew, a secular Jew as are many in Israel, especially those that fled the Soviet Union. My ancestors who remained in Europe were murdered by Nazi Germany. I despise Islam as being the most retrogressive religion ever to be devised by humanity. If you study the Koran, you’ll find that is a mish mash of early Christianism. in origin. Most of the Koran is unintelligible and not chronological. In fact, you may learn that Mohammad may never have even existed. Read Robert Spencer’s latest book on the Koran and Mohammad.

Joan Peters’s work From Time Immemorial explains well the so-called false claims of Palestinians to Jewish land. Chomsky wrote a sickening book on the same subject which has since been refuted, once by my friend of fifty years, David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine. Horowitz was once a leftist, son of two communists, former editor of Ramparts. Then, David as did I, had his epiphany coinciding with the Regan presidency. Formerly, I was a Kennedy Democrat.

You are welcome to your opinion DJ. You live in America. If you lived in Gaza, you could have no difference of opinion. But, if you moved to Israel, you’d have Westernized liberties unknown in the Arab world. As you are the most fascist member of this forum, perhaps you should embark on a tour of the Middle East to see things first hand. And, lastly, you are the only member of this forum that richly deserves to be called a cunt.

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