Dominion caught

I can’t wait for the Snooes and Politifact retorts.

LOL - this “article” written by Jim Hoft - the founder of GWP and who has recently been banned from Twitter for posting horse shit conspiracy theories?

Yeah I’m sure this is a well researched, objective piece.

So are they going to hold a presser on this and bring out the ghost of Hugo Chavez to discuss the findings? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Gsc- has this been fact checked? Is the chair wood or does this one guy think it is?

90’s - it’s the GWP. You know the answer.

Jim Hoft sourced the story. 51 is just too silly and lazy to click the link

I did click the link. And read it.

Pardon me for not believing an article written by a guy banned from Twitter for posting false conspiracy theories.

It’s amazing.

I bet you also believe that Barry Bonds truly believed he thought he was using flaxseed oil and not HGH.

Prove solid - irrefutable proof that those vans contained illegal ballots. Otherwise, focus on 2024. You’re embarrassing yourself.

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Come on GSC, my comment was funny. No?

It’s hilarious. GSC DEMANDS specific proof and sources when we present arguments.

Nothing wrong with that.

But he sees white vans pull into a parking lot and BOOM - he’s convinced this is evidence of voter fraud.


51 - we all understand that you need someone to make your mind up for you. I don’t. I can analyze for myself.

And when you analyze for yourself - you don’t consider any possibility at all that the vans contained absentee and mail in ballots?

No, you saw those vans and went right to voter fraud. Why? Because can’t fathom that Trump could lose. You’re brainwashed by him.

Admit it. You’d support a lifetime presidency for Trump if he proposed it.

An audit would clear that question right?

There have been audits. Multiple audits in multiple states.

Apparently to you an audit isn’t really an audit until it produces the result you want.

Trump. Lost. Bigly. If you feel bad for him go buy a place near his and you guys can sit in your pajamas and eat ice cream together.


There was one “signature Audit”. And there were major questions about the integrity of that audit. I actually posted a video here that you scoffed at where an election official in Georgia not separating ballots with bad or no signatures away from the pile.

But even that’s not a true audit. What the Trump campaign has always fought for is for forensic audits of ballots and of the actual machinery.

In fact there were multiple witnesses in Detroit who swore on affidavits that they saw these white vans pull up. And that they saw ballots, illegal ballots, being transported from them. And the judge called those claims uncredible.

But now you see it with your own eyes. That judge was wrong. There was probable cause to listen to these witnesses and grant them an evidentiary hearing. Why do you still deny this and why do you still say there’s no evidence when we continuously show you more and more of it?

Post proof. And not from the GWP or someone from Twitter swearing it to be true.

You spend all this time and energy trying to prove election fraud. Yet you refuse to acknowledge that Trump lost because of Trump.

Trump lost because of his actions and inactions. He’s the worst president we’ve ever had. And it’s not close.

Oh, Dominion’s caught again!

This is an old story from Nov. 17th.

It was not Dominion hardware and none of the shortages affected the election, although one of them came close. The loser of that one, the Democrat, is the person who requested the recount, who then found out she lost by more than initially reported. So it’s doubtful she was cheating if she was the one who exposed the anomaly.

As far as I know they haven’t concluded their investigation into this. I’m gonna guess that a batch of around 310 votes was never counted, probably from the Republican-heavy “no mask” voting section.

But who knows? It could be fraud. Most people don’t deny fraud exists, or that it shouldn’t be investigated, or that we shouldn’t tighten up our voting security. We just know there wasn’t systemic fraud that overturned the presidency. Hell, that’s exactly what Bill Barr said.

I’m sure Storm will soon say that Hugo Chavez will be making a BOMBSHELL statement soon (tickey tockey) that blows the lid off of everything.

Think about how much time and energy you’re spending on this Q shit.

I thought you didn’t respect twitter? Now you immediately blow off a guy’s opinion because he was “banned from twitter”

You have your mind made up and are a good little lefty…Orange Man Bad…We get it.

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