Documents reveal Fox personalities filled Mike Pompeo’s taxpayer-funded political dinners: report

Who the hell watches Fox News? Lol.

I haven’t watched in years.

Way to cut at the heart of the issue, GSC.

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I have no allegiance to Fixed News. I’ve posted over and over how I feel about them.

They are the pressure valve for the conservative citizenry. They make mad republicans feel like “at least someone understands and is as mad as I am!”

And if they did they- fuck em. Let the judge bury them. And if Pompeo was dumb enough to break the law, he should be charged too.

Yep, he only follows his cult leader…whatever Trump says is reality, and everything else is fake. You’ll be rubbing peanut butter on your nipples, chanting about a Babylonian cult before long.

Agree completely.