Djrion's vision for our youth

Absolute fucking morons

And you woke wackjobs defend this comedy…Dj and warden probably sitting there spewing tears of pride when he sees such woke beauty. Fuck outta here.

Black dude looking at djrion’s daughter/student/little sister like “what the fuck is wrong with you woman?”

You said something about misplaced anger dj? Look at these distraught fucking clowns…This is you.

Mrs Rion comes back for round 2 and gets buried

Imagine thinking “white supremacists, kkk, white domestic terroist groups”…Are anywhere near the top of the list that black Americans need to worry about in this country.

Dj fuckboy…You down with “jazz hands” or nah?

Fucking snowflake

These kids are younger versions of what I call muttonheads. They are ridiculous. All this crap about microaggressions and people annoyed by the slightest thing is what psychiatrists might term as being paranoid.

Allen West is just a great guy. He was exquisitely deft in his handling of the girl demanding that he declare the color of his skin. What a bunch of pansy assed children we’re producing. You, see Skeeter we are being commanded by liberals who think they dwell on higher moral plane than we, liberals who imperiously demand that we tolerate what is absolute madness. I’m beginning to think this nation needs a depression to return these freakazoids into serious carbon unit.

Yes, I could see DJ seated among this group of misanthropes believing all this arrant nonsense.

This is the seeding ground of fascism. Stop using genderized language. You cannot speak English without gender. It’s part of our language and almost all other languages particularly Romance languages.

I don’t understand the “he/him” and “she/her” trend.

I see it most commonly referenced by people sensitive to trans people aka, woke.

Is it more important to specify how you identify the more woke you are?

Figured they’d all just go with “they” and cut out the need to clarify.

Have no idea what the rest of this thread is about, but I’ll assume it is a bunch of “free will conservatives” trying to impose their reality on others. I don’t understand your question tho @Candemonium? Non-binary / genderqueer already refer to themselves with they/them.

No…Just mocking fucking morons like you

So unimporant

Basically they all want to act like they are being wronged when they aren’t.

I.e. typical liberal meltdown begging to be justified.

You are preaching to the choir…The phony moral high ground these people take is pathetic