Djrion is that really you in your picture?

I can just see you being that real annoying, trendy male feminist type…Dude who runs up and kisses random black dudes ass when he sees them. Real fake-ass overly nice to them. As soon as he walks away, the black dudes like “what’s wrong this fuckin clown”

He’s “saving” you Mr. Black American…Didn’t you know that!?

Yes, of course that’s me. My synopsis in the capitol car crash thread is spot on. #rentfree #wipeyourbrow

Skeeter is one insecure guy.

You can tell by the fact that he has no ability to communicate in any other way then to call people names.


Are we criticizing how people look now?

Skeeter communicates with me and others just fine. He doesn’t respect you guys. It’s as simple as that. He’s tired of your hypocrisy and fake, selective outrage.

He’s actually quite liberal compared to a guy like me but he’s honest. Calls it as he sees it.

It’s admirable.

I mean look at

Yes…Looks like a

I mean dj…You’re a trendy liberal…Didn’t you buy a peloton or some shit? No wonder you’re worried about covid.

Cande- I hear you. And normally I won’t personally attack people… I have one exception.

If people call for or gloat over the potential death of members of this forum- it’s game on.

DJ has done that.

Warden has done that.

They have literally made statements like this about people.

I’ve never once done that. I’ve implied that bikki and bill will go to hell when they meet their maker for xenophobic view on life.

I’m good with skeeters personal attacks. I’m comfortable in my manhood and have slayed it on scales he only has wet dreams about as a grown man.

You said that you hope skeeter dies of coronavirus for his views on it. You liar.

You’ve also, on the old board, hoped for the deaths of others on the board and conservatives in general.

You’re a despicable human being.

Says the guy who’s entirely fine with babies being ripped from their mothers.


Because he agrees with you. But when there’s disagreement, he calls you a cunt.

The only thing he has is a limited vocabulary

Find it and quote it here and ill eat shit.

And there’s more on the old site similar to this.

Huh? You still need to show it to us all. He got got by covid “MENTALLY”

Again, I ask you to show me where I wished death upon anyone on this site and I’ll eat shit.

Copying all this to make sure you don’t bait and switch me.

Where I’m from- to “get got” means to be killed. If you mean something else by it then it’s a matter of us having different lexicons.

It was also in the context of “where’s skeeter.”

Now you want to act like you meant something else?

Copy all you want you goofball. I know what “get got” means.