Disney exposed: Leaked videos show officials pushing LGBT agenda, saying

Disturbing, but not unexpected.

Holy shit.

How can people watch that shit stain gossip channel? Like reading those trashy mags in a hy-vee line waiting for the lady to bag your groceries.

I attended quite a few Tea Party gatherings over the years. The crowds were comprised of just wonderful people with traditional American values championing individual rights and property ownership. Many of these people were avid Christians and of course rejected having homosexual rights jammed down their throats, especially in public school classrooms. Fine Americans they were. Many I presume were like GSC who believes in standards of morality and prudent raising of children. You’ll recall, GSC no Putin lover, commended Putin for his ideas of protecting students against sexual deviates. That’s independent thought which always characterizes GSC’s fine postings.

With respect to homosexuality, I am all for allowing individuals to live their lives as they fit so long as they don’t impinge on rights of others. I found few who supported gays in the military due to psychological instability. Soldiers must by psychologically balanced when it comes to armed forces. As I’ve written also, there should be no relaxed dress codes in the military. No beards, no eccentric hair cuts. everyone has the same haircut. Certainly, no males should be clothed in dresses unless God forbid the entire military is donning dresses; I would suppose Low T–my pet name for Djrion–would favor dresses, perhaps wanting to dress the U.S. Marines in Girl Scout-like attire. In my mind’s eye, I see a picture of Low T proudly in his cheerleading outfit for the “Queer Games.”

Regardless what abstruse bio chemical studies show, it does not mean we must change our entire culture to reflect evidence claimed to be accurate in transgender studies. Disney is behaving in a ridiculous manner, and ifI Disney had competition, say I opened bikki228 World, you can bet my employees would be uniformed, polite, as if they were working for Chick Filet, a company I admire. My World’s advertising would point out that we adhere strictly to traditional American standards, nothing woke, no advocating transgenderism whatsoever. We would advertise being the Wholesome World rather than the Disney Perv World. And, lastly bikki228 World would allow its employees to be owners as do marvelous Publix stores. Ours would be the opposite of the moronic employees at Starbucks. Our young employees would treat customers with great deference as prescribed by the learned world’s founder–bikki228.

He watches the truthful channel CNN ya know

As the Putin bedfellow that you are, no one takes you seriously anymore. And you better, “TAKE MY COUNTRIES VALUES OUT 'CHER FUCKING MOUTH.”

you are no longer an American and your card has been pulled. You can go to hell with each lie that you tell. No sense in talking about individual rights and property ownership when you are so willing to hand that over to Putin, right komrad?

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