Disappointing 2

A year ago yesterday I posted about the disappointment of the early ouster in the tournament. This one is even worse. To be ranked #6 nationally, hosting the regional… to get bumped from the tourney at home in the regional with only one win… that really hurts.

Lost two low scoring, one run games in the last innings to good teams to end what had been a very good season overall. Unfortunately, the team peaked too early (in April) and sort of fizzled out at the end. I almost expected them to lose to Canisius so at least they didn’t do that.

Wait 'til next year.

Unfortunately, need a real coach.

And to a team that is one win from the national championship now? This can’t be. Oh, what could have been! Or were we due to crumble no matter the opponent?

Ole Miss Rebels (50-23)
2022 National Champions


27 runners?
Box score say 7 LOB.